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Oregon kick and glide skiing.

Winter News

Find out the latest in winter news in the kick and glide world.


Oregon backcountry winter recreation means deep snows in the high volcanoes of the Cascades and diverse opportunity in several ranges rising above dry eastern plateaus.   The Cascades have deep evergreen forest punctuated by volcanic cones that rise  dramatically and receive deep maritime snowfalls.  Their west side has lush vegetation, while their east side is […]

Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest has a great deal to offer the kick and glider.  The Cascades, which begin in northern California and extend through Washington into British Columbia, Canada, include volcanic and non volcanic mountains.  


Guide to places to nordic and backcountry ski in the Western U.S. California Lake Tahoe Sierra Eastside Western Sierras and Southern Cascades Coastal Ranges and Southern California Idaho Central and Southern Idaho Northern Rockies Greater Yellowstone and the Tetons Utah and Colorado Utah Pacific Northwest Oregon