Nordic Resorts  provide heated lodges, food, rentals and instruction and charge daily fees from $15 to $30.

Community Areas are groomed by civic, community or non-profit organizations, collect donations at the trailhead or charge a modest fee.  Any facilities are noted in the listings; generally you must bring your own equipment and there is no shelter.

State Areas are provided under State programs or at State Parks.  They may charge a modest fee and do not have groomed trails, but you are likely to at least find established tracks.  You may need to purchase your pass off-site, before you drive into the mountains.

Many States have programs facilitating snowmobile use and that use dedicated State funds for grooming snowmobile trails.  Although these areas can be overwhelming (and dangerous) due to the carbon monoxide, noise and presence of snowmobiles, they can also, in sparsely used areas or at low-use times, provide a high-quality recreational experience for nonmotorized users as well.

Other areas are either ski routes designated by national forest or national park, or areas that have seen established use and where you are likely to find a ski or snowshoe track.

Lodges offer drive-up accommodations and ski-out-the-door access to groomed trails.  Sometimes the lodging is ancillary to the skiing; often the focus is on the accommodations as much as the trails.

Wilderness Lodges are huts, yurts and cabins that either require a ski-in or are situated in remote locations.  They can range from plush to (more commonly) primitive and often can only be booked by groups using the entire cabin.

Advisories are nonprofit organizations that monitor snowfall conditions and provide valuable guidance regarding backcountry conditions.  They may also provide avalanche education courses.  Please support these valuable organizations that provide a free service (like us!)

Rental Shops offer ski rentals and often provide current  advice on conditions and where to go.

Guide Services offer backcountry tours and/or avalanche education.

Other Links provide links to general area guides and other pertinent information.

Please exercise your own judgment in assessing your abilities and what sort of activity or adventure you can safely pursue, what preparedness you need, current trail conditions, etc.   Although we strive to provide links to reputable organizations and web sites, we make no warranty or representation regarding the information presented.  Information may become out of date.

All material copyright 2011-2014 Robert M. Rowen.

Use all information provided at your own risk.

All mileages are estimates and amount of groomed track may vary from year to year.  A kilometer equals six-tenths of a mile.

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